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Choking Student Debt, Size Matters, The Right Bra, Better Sex Vacation, Cheese Music, Mob Alive and Well! Duration: 15:04
Snoring, Ankle Bracelet AWOL, Bad Brains, Hot Tub Germ Fest, Memorize This, Sexual Dayparts! Duration: 15:47
French Fry Soap, Web Anniversary, Comfort Food Science, World's Cheapest Car, Bazaar Left Behind Uber Items, Amazon Warehouse Blues! Duration: 14:22
Really Bad Mom Sequel, Bad Dad, Jailed Marriage Proposal, Wooly Mammoth Clone, Mars Rover, Spit Test! Duration: 17:39
Bad Mom, Uber Attack, Oldest Person, College App Queen, Kid Spoiling, Nose Knows! Duration: 11:55
Hoarders, Same Night Every Night, Oribting Hotel, Worst Fashion Trends, All Cash Philly, Hatchet Head! Duration: 19:17
Member Enlargemnt Death, Blockbuster Busted, Bad Parents, Gene Marriage Link, Kid Butt Shooting, The Dog Gym! Duration: 14:35
Most Expensive Car Ever, Fake News or Not, Cockroach Milk Good For You, !,000 Dollar Shrimp, Special K For Depression, Generic Everywhere! Duration: 17:36
Live To Be 150, Blow My Car Up, Death State, Prison Food, Drugs, Bonnie and Clyde Poetry! Duration: 20:31
Nation Shrinking But Getting Bigger, All Year Cheer, Measles Back, Less Cars, Pee Drinker, Extreme Normal! Duration: 14:32
How To Make a Good Impression, TK Eggman, God Is Trending, Standoff For Pizza, Social Media Making Us Less Social, Prison Gladiator Fights! Duration: 16:21
New Internet Sensation, Smart Hairy Chest, Proms Bad, Buffet Brawl, Irish Pale Ale, Smart Phone Killers! Duration: 16:02
Parental Sleep Deprivation, Mouth to Mouth with Turtle, Jet Engine Coin Toss, Fake News or Not, Girl Scout Cookie Drug Pusher, Marriage Numbers Down! Duration: 16:37
Killer Wine, Diet Ring, Toilet Paper Obsession, Tree Hugger, Airline Pilot Blues, Nutella Heist! Duration: 16:43
Killer Tick, Accused Crime Pays Big, Motel Do Tell,, Big Lotto Unclaimed, Oldest Fruit Cake Ever, Food After Sex! Duration: 11:10
Such a Dick, Smuggle This, Backyard Funk, Over Medicated USA, Frugal Tooth Fairy, Where's the Meat! Duration: 19:04
Someone Call a Doctor, Mayor Guns, Fake News or Not, Teenage Girl Bank Robbers, White Priviledge, Eyeball Tattoos! Duration: 16:40
Girl Scout Cookie Con, Arm and Leg Weddings, Signs of Love, Heartburn Doubles, Honeymoon Marriage Ends in Divorce, Sex Toy Car Crash! Duration: 17:00
Holy Toledo, Statue For John Wilks Booth, 3-D Printers Gone Wild, Female Body Building, Dollar Store Prego Test, The Real Shroud of Turin! Duration: 16:27
41 Push Ups, Top 4 Relationship Desires, The Good Sun, Smart Batteries, Money Grab, Selling Montana! Duration: 14:02