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Jeff FoxxWhen it comes to the Urban Radio format, in my opinion there is no one more talented than Jeff Foxx.  For the last 25 years Jeff has been a vital part of the New York City radio landscape including his current on-air radio personality position at WBLS which is the worlds most listened to Urban Radio station!  

"Life, Love, Laughter" is all that it promises and more.  Jeff shares his "LIFE" with great true to life stories about his family and friends.  Many of those friends include iconic people you've all heard of and often are a part of his show.  "LOVE"...most importantly he's sharing his life with you the listener whom he loves most!  "LAUGHTER" is the part that ties it all together!  Jeff is truly one of the funniest people I know.  Just listen to this on air clip and you'll be laughing the first sixty seconds guaranteed!  

The Jeff Foxx show...LIFE, LOVE LAUGHTER.  We're on a crusade to end boring radio.  Are you with us?  

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