Tom Kent’s AC Music Magazine

MUSIC MAGAZINE with Tom Kent hero

Tom Kent’s AC Music Magazine is the five hour program dedicated to giving our listeners a different fun filled experience every single hour of each and every weeknight. It’s appointment driven radio making each hour unique.

At 7p each weekday evening, it’s “What’s This World Coming To”. This is our time tested feature highlighting some of today’s unique and fun stories with your brand of interactive listener driven humor. At 8p, it’s the “80s at 8″ with “Lovin’ Life, Livin’ the 80s” with all 80s hits all hour. At 9p, it’s “Totally 90s Now” with all 90s hits all hour followed by the 2000s at 10 with “TK 2K”!

Wrapping up the evening is Jackie Newton’s “Diva Diner” featuring the best hits from today’s top female artists all hour at 11p! The AC Music Magazine is the most fun radio on radio and the best way to spend your weeknights!

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