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Coked Up Shrimp, Sexy Dirty Men, Bobbing Along, Fate, Kid Strippers, Drive Thru Funerals! Duration: 18:44
Crotch Shot, Family Thieves, 142K Snake Bite, Boob God, Meatless Meatball, Dreams Duration: 17:40
Bad Dog Kissing, Favorite Kids, Perfect Pork Chop, Diet Drinks Fat People, Most Notorious Deleted Tweets, Plastic Bans! Duration: 15:09
Chronic Fatigue Breakthrough, OOPS, She's Her Prom Date, Pluto Dying, USA Favorite Cars, Poop Police Duration: 19:44
Devistating Dump Depression, DNA Cheating, Fake Hooker, Worms In Ears, Earring Abortion, Church of the Weed! Duration: 14:12
Alien Human Procreation, Encounters With God, Rich Posers, Parents Basement Whore House, 300 Mile Cab Ride, Coke Cups! Duration: 9:44
Colon Thief, Leg Falls From Sky, Beatles Trivia, Sex Toy Bank Robbery, Think Yoursefl Thin, Man Eats Concrete Duration: 20:37
Awake After 27 Year Coma, Death By Porn, Musk Blow Quiet, Weiard Break In, Beheaded Speak, Brooks Was Here! Duration: 15:19
Human Remains Compost, Password Hackers, Wedding Divorce Moments, Taxi Drivers Attend Charm School, Holy UFOs, Miss Dixie! Duration: 18:18
Germ Beards, Geographic Literacy, Mental Pop Songs, Hangover Free Alcohol, Courting Lincoln, Truck You! Duration: 15:48
Bathing in Crude Oil, Exercise To Gain Weight, Swastika Acres, Dumpster Fire, Cuddle Party, Washing Hair! Duration: 13:53
Miracle Swimming Dog, Cheating In His Eyes, First Date Mistakes, Devil Woman, Fake News or Real, Famous Movie Lines! Duration: 18:50
3 D Heart, A.D.D. Internet, Cut the Cord, Airplane Germs, Sleeping Naked for Health, Real Hunger Games! Duration: 17:53
Enjoyable Commutes, Sneeze Personality, Breast Milk Super Food, Chucky Cheese Dunce Dad, The Key to Life, Muscle Power! Duration: 19:56
Porn Suit, Tin Foil Car, More Weird Science, Spinning Bike Cocaine, Mash Potatoe Fetish, Next Gen! Duration: 18:27
Weird Science, Perfect Cup, Nine State Solution, Naked Rest Stop Patron, Alexa Big Sister, Grand Death! Duration: 23:25
Roomba Bathroom Bandit, Prison Strippers, Steelers Wheel, Device Addiction, Naked Art, Discombabulated! Duration: 23:52
USA IOU, Garlic For Health, Facebook Horse Face, Angry White Males, Teen Pregos, America the Only Duration: 17:13
Trans Revolutionary War Hero, Whiskey Instead of Water, Rhino Poacher Poached, Prison to Prison, Wedding Crashers, Your Flys Open! Duration: 18:14
Wine WTF, Flashing Buttocks, Between The Ears Age, Forever Toilet Roll, Komoto Dragon Thieves, Floating Cities! Duration: 20:15
World's Happiest Country, Smarter Than a 2 Year Old, Smoking Today, Marathon Runners, Mattress Mites, Female Mood Swings Duration: 19:47
Mozart For Pain, Big Ass Pearl, Make My Woman Happy, Precious Human Waste, Painless Since Birth, Iodine Makes Americans Smart! Duration: 16:56
Record High Sex, Fake News or Not, Woman Gives Birth to Granddaughter, Cost of Kids, Singing or Ringing, Noahs Ark Duration: 19:42
Guilty Pleasures, Liquid Nose, Bridezilla, Robot Comics, Green Deal Run Amok, Most Likely IRS Audits! Duration: 19:29
Least Stressful State, Feng Shui, Girl Shoppers, Curiosity Killed The Cat, Baby Men, Sexual Calories! Duration: 18:15
Science to Cope After Being Dumped, Give Mom a Break, Car Speed Governors, Bridezilla, Dumb Slang, Utah Kareoke! Duration: 18:21
Senior Pole Dancing, Like a Surgeon, Maine Man, Naked Mulitudes, Voting is Sexy, Man Cuts Off His Foot! Duration: 15:32
Water Cooler LSD, Brain Sex. Socialism, One Minute Workout, Name That Kid, Clown Phobia! Duration: 20:15
Toilet Seat Saves a Life, Climate Change, Rolling Kidney Stones, Wine Glass Sippers, Science and Space Aliens, Convicted of Goldfish Swallowing! Duration: 17:33
Fussy Baby App, Nudist Colonies Dwindling, Germ City, Beer Cleans, Big Screen TV Addiction, In a Van Down By the River! Duration: 14:12
Unimoons, Russian Drinking, Adulthood Begins, Having Sex at Work, Online Dating, Wedding Anniversary! Duration: 18:23
Flat Earthers, Men Hate Doctors, God's sense of Humor, Snakes Alive, Sleepless Sweet Tooth, Women Taking Forever! Duration: 15:00
Snowflake Millennials, Under the Hood Underwear, Girls Becoming Boy Scouts, Sliced Bread Saying, Man's Best Friend, Biological Clock! Duration: 18:08
Choking Student Debt, Size Matters, The Right Bra, Better Sex Vacation, Cheese Music, Mob Alive and Well! Duration: 15:04
Snoring, Ankle Bracelet AWOL, Bad Brains, Hot Tub Germ Fest, Memorize This, Sexual Dayparts! Duration: 15:47
French Fry Soap, Web Anniversary, Comfort Food Science, World's Cheapest Car, Bazaar Left Behind Uber Items, Amazon Warehouse Blues! Duration: 14:22
Really Bad Mom Sequel, Bad Dad, Jailed Marriage Proposal, Wooly Mammoth Clone, Mars Rover, Spit Test! Duration: 17:39
Bad Mom, Uber Attack, Oldest Person, College App Queen, Kid Spoiling, Nose Knows! Duration: 11:55
Hoarders, Same Night Every Night, Oribting Hotel, Worst Fashion Trends, All Cash Philly, Hatchet Head! Duration: 19:17
Member Enlargemnt Death, Blockbuster Busted, Bad Parents, Gene Marriage Link, Kid Butt Shooting, The Dog Gym! Duration: 14:35
Most Expensive Car Ever, Fake News or Not, Cockroach Milk Good For You, !,000 Dollar Shrimp, Special K For Depression, Generic Everywhere! Duration: 17:36
Live To Be 150, Blow My Car Up, Death State, Prison Food, Drugs, Bonnie and Clyde Poetry! Duration: 20:31
Nation Shrinking But Getting Bigger, All Year Cheer, Measles Back, Less Cars, Pee Drinker, Extreme Normal! Duration: 14:32
How To Make a Good Impression, TK Eggman, God Is Trending, Standoff For Pizza, Social Media Making Us Less Social, Prison Gladiator Fights! Duration: 16:21
New Internet Sensation, Smart Hairy Chest, Proms Bad, Buffet Brawl, Irish Pale Ale, Smart Phone Killers! Duration: 16:02
Parental Sleep Deprivation, Mouth to Mouth with Turtle, Jet Engine Coin Toss, Fake News or Not, Girl Scout Cookie Drug Pusher, Marriage Numbers Down! Duration: 16:37
Killer Wine, Diet Ring, Toilet Paper Obsession, Tree Hugger, Airline Pilot Blues, Nutella Heist! Duration: 16:43
Killer Tick, Accused Crime Pays Big, Motel Do Tell,, Big Lotto Unclaimed, Oldest Fruit Cake Ever, Food After Sex! Duration: 11:10
Such a Dick, Smuggle This, Backyard Funk, Over Medicated USA, Frugal Tooth Fairy, Where's the Meat! Duration: 19:04
Someone Call a Doctor, Mayor Guns, Fake News or Not, Teenage Girl Bank Robbers, White Priviledge, Eyeball Tattoos! Duration: 16:40
Girl Scout Cookie Con, Arm and Leg Weddings, Signs of Love, Heartburn Doubles, Honeymoon Marriage Ends in Divorce, Sex Toy Car Crash! Duration: 17:00
Holy Toledo, Statue For John Wilks Booth, 3-D Printers Gone Wild, Female Body Building, Dollar Store Prego Test, The Real Shroud of Turin! Duration: 16:27
41 Push Ups, Top 4 Relationship Desires, The Good Sun, Smart Batteries, Money Grab, Selling Montana! Duration: 14:02
Lorena Bobbitt Today, Artificial Moon, Hooch Eyes, Millennials Greeting Cards, New Pill Brain Power,Loud Love Making! Duration: 15:19
Hunt Bigfoot With Jose Conseco, Cows Dating Service, Spam Folder, Toilet Bomb, Missing Feet, After Life Tweeting! Duration: 16:36
Happy Wives Happy Lives, Rage Yoga, Stanky Town, Mars Trip Scam, Screwing the Screw Horn Goat, The Cos! Duration: 18:22
Nick Cage Broke, Killer Nurse, Botched Boob Job, No Dog For POTUS, Bye Bye Bugs, Most Popular Beers! Duration: 15:10
Cub Scout Takes a Knee, Hitler Watercolor Art Auction, Christian Objection, No ID No Arrest, Top 10 healthy and Unhealthy Cities, Thieves Accidently Steal Dead Body! Duration: 16:33
Judge Kent Ruling, Heads Up Drinkers, Swallow This, No More Recess, 2 for 1 Plastic Surgery, Lego of My Arm! Duration: 15:35
Drunken Wedding Brawl, Plane Flirting, Bingo Brawl, Horder Alert, For Hire Bad Skiers Human Test Dummies, Boob Tube Update! Duration: 20:46
Tyra Banks Modeland, Bedbugs in Court, Pet Dating, Jump the Ark, Octopus Crash, Millenials Want To Be Boomers Duration: 14:23
Crossdresser in Closet, CDC Rants on Toothpaste, Parental Lawsuit, The End of the World As We Know It, Epidemic Plastic Surgery, President Hair! Duration: 14:48
Shiny Happy Morning People, New Russia Weapon, Tiny Homes Bad, Lazy Millenials, 2 Strippers Get Into a Fight, Sam's Club Meth Lab! Duration: 16:24
Robocall City, Pizza Truck Love Heist, Astrology, Famous Quotes, Anti-Vacine Mom, Gone With the Wind! Duration: 16:15
Swear Study, Fat Shame on Plane, Eternal Youth Coffee Cure, Taser Volunteers, Bye Bye Buffets, Mr. Radio! Duration: 18:40
Drunk on Vanilla Extract, Older Men Dating Younger, Fake News or Not, Cancer Cure, Legal Motorcycle Lane Split! Duration: 17:09
Trump Glacier, Goodwill Donation, Walmart Giant, Distraught Chef, CDC Warns Against Hedgehog Kissing, Weird Spam! Duration: 21:17
Titanic Captain Drunk, Under Radar Founding Father, Naked Loan, Keeping Wolves Away, Vegan Wedding, Love at First Sight! Duration: 17:23
Airline Tubbo, Cover Up, Happy Dutch, Gravy Candle, 30 Minutes a Day Keeps Doctor Away, UFO Farmer! Duration: 14:25
Naked Wedding Dress, Bathing in Beer, Weinermobile Driver Wanted, Famous Quotes, Road Rage, Dead or Alive? Duration: 18:30
Profane Eats, Number of Sex Partners, Bye Bye Coffee, Con Break Out, Funeral Dogs, Fat Gene! Duration: 16:18
Navy Hookers, Ocean Golf Balls, Born Tone Deaf, Nice Guys Finish, Driving Naked Backwards, Shedding Poundage! Duration: 12:49
Vegans Get Sick More, China Moon Cotton, Wrong Guy, Oval Office Antics, Self Drunk Punch, Godless in America! Duration: 17:19
Talkin' Toto, Ultimate Comfort Food, Hooch Sperm, Smart Roaches, You're Dead To Me, Too Much Homework! Duration: 15:55
Police Break In, Famous Quotes, Opioid and Cars, Dr Says OOPS, Getting Shaft, Fake News or Not! Duration: 18:54
Only 3 TV Channels, 50 Year Woodstock, Shiny Happy Kids, Vaping, Postal Joy Ride, WWJD! Duration: 13:08
French Woman Slam, Congress Approval, Adult Coloring, 5 Most Popular Names, Beocmong a Saint, Mike's Dumb Idea! Duration: 16:28
My 3 Sons, Chocolate Climate Change, Monogamy, Lotto Players, Millenials Killing Cereal, Coastal Seas Levels! Duration: 17:24
Cable Wars, Man Facials, Sleep, What To Wear APP, 5 Most Addictive, Lazy Genious! Duration: 16:08
Stray Bullitt Sermon, Eye Contact Anxiety, Internet Addiction, Sex With Robots, Dog Stress, Under 10! Duration: 19:50
Youth Secrets, King Kong Attack, Nomophobia, Alpha Male Death Rate, 5 Day Work Week, Bald and Beautiful! Duration: 17:09
Live To 150, Dating APP Poacher, Door Licking Prowler, 10 Most Dangerous Jobs, Man Chores, Strange Hobbies! Duration: 21:20
Youth Secrets, King Kong Lawsuit, Nomophobia, Alpha Dog Dies Quicker, No More Five Day Work Weeks, Hair Loss! Duration: 17:09
Wedding on a Whim, Meat Vending Machine, Cash for Kids, Big Foot Accidental Shooting, Holiday Rankings, Rich Traits! Duration: 14:18
Rembering Dreams, 5 Richest Countries, Millenial Devices, Best Run State, Porn Police, Old Millenials! Duration: 17:39
Pasta, Hooters, Dream Job, We're Gullable, Sleep Deprivation, Killing Me Softly With His Polution Duration: 17:27
Cave Man Smart, DMV Nightmare, Big Ass Plane, Pussy Women, Clear History, First Settlers Cannabelism Duration: 15:15
Sleep, Anger, Meat Vending, Space Smell, Fart Free Undies, Dead or Alive! Duration: 17:01
Dental Disaster, Sky Diving Nut, Russians Drink More, Eat, Sit, and Die, Butler Gigalo, Leaning Tower Not So Much! Duration: 16:34
Sean Hannity of the Dead, Cruise Ship Shocker, NFL London Arrest, Teacher Killer, Bad Air Day, Movie BO! Duration: 16:47
Top 5 Candy, Perfect Iceburg, South Korea Pot Smokers, Humvee Falls From Sky, Yahoo Pay Off, Rage Clubs! Duration: 13:47
Starbucks Holiday Cups, CLV, Dog Shoots Man, Prince Diva, Eating Greens Gives Blues, Stuck in Bathroom! Duration: 21:03
Troops on Boarder, Baldwin Arrested, Kanye No Politics, Shy Ticket Taker, Nike Slogan, Stolen Potty Duration: 17:12
Judge Kent Ruling, Kanye Changes Name, World's Greatest Lover, First Surgeon, Plane Talk, Psychic Fraud! Duration: 12:00
Decorate to be Happy, Human Doll Floating in Ocean, Chicken Diapers, Top 10 movie Quotes, Single Mom Wins 343 Million, Disgusting Food Museum! Duration: 15:55
Black Coffee Psycho, Trash in a Jar, World's Tallest Statue, Legal Pot, Cross Dressing Nazis, Goodwill Snake! Duration: 19:10
Mail bomber, Megyn Kelly, Chicken Pox Parties, Titanic 2, Cra Cra Granny, Drag Queen Career Day! Duration: 17:54
Amish Buggy Hit and Run, Spaced Out, Road Rage, Homeless, Bacon State, Perfect Pizza! Duration: 18:58
RBG Falls, FLA Vote, Cali Fires, Cockroach Food, Age Change! Duration: 20:45
Fan Rush, Rubik Cube Record, Oh Brother!, Swan Rescue, Fixer Upper, Swimming with Crocs! Duration: 15:57
Stealing Heaven, Selfie Death, Big Wave, Buying Kids, Kyrie Cra Cra Irving, Bullies Duration: 17:21
Animal House, Drunk Birds, Hot Rock, Baby Shredder, Damage Control, Rookie Cop Duration: 16:53
C-Bus, Halloween, Cosby, Nuke Pee, Climate Change, Class Phones Duration: 15:42
Mushrooms, Nude Pics, NYC Rats, Exercise, Beards, Me 2 Duration: 12:04
TK VO, CK Lion Trap, Millennials Cut Cheese, Stock Dump, Lasso Gun, New World Record! (2) Duration: 12:05
TK VO, CK Lion, Millennials Cut Cheese, Stock Dump, Lasso Dump, New World Record! Duration: 9:36
Greatest Female Singer, Look Whose Running, Male Turnoffs, Shark Tank, Plastic Surgery, Dead or Alive! Duration: 25:11
Crazies on TV, Art, Nasa, Pres. Avenatti, DB Cooper, Famous Quotes Duration: 23:40
Me 2, Maga, Duct Tape, R&R, Opioids Duration: 17:54
Roots, Music Fights, Man Caves, Tattoos, One Hit Wonders, Dumbest Thing Duration: 18:18
Goodbye Summer, Women, Hipsters, Diets, Sex Doll Brothel, Change Movie Scene! Duration: 18:39
Divas, Clicker Control, Whose Running, Turnoffs, TV on Radio, Worst Plastic Surgery, Dead or Alive! Duration: 25:08