Tom Kent’s Music Magazine


Tom Kent’s Music Magazine is the six hour program dedicated to giving our listeners a different fun filled experience every single hour of each and every weekday night. It’s appointment driven radio making each hour unique.

At 6p each weekday evening, it’s “What’s This World Coming To”. This is our time tested feature highlighting some of today’s unique and fun stories with your brand of interactive listener driven humor. At 7p, it’s the “70s at 7″ with “My 70s Show” featuring all 70s all hour. At 8p, it’s the “80s at 8″ with “Lovin’ Life, Livin’ the 80s” with all 80s hits all hour. At 9p, it’s “The Classic Hits Countdown” highlighting a different theme of top songs each week. At 10p, it’s “Your Live Request Show” where our listeners get to program the music and pick the songs all hour. We top off the evening with “The Number One Show” at 11p where every single song in the hour is a number one song!

I’m pouring my heart and soul into every single hour. WE know you’ll love this show!

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6pm (“What’s This World Coming To”) LINK 7pm (70s at 7) LINK 8pm (80s at 8) LINK 9pm (“Your Live Request Show”) LINK 10pm (“Classic Hits Countdown” LINK 11pm (“The Double Play Doblay!”) LINK