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Several years ago I was introduced to Mike Lacing who I discovered was a very funny man.

I had an idea for a daily feature called “What’s This World Coming To”. Mike would call in and comment on some totally crazy story in the news that I had just talked about over the air. His comments were always timely and funny. Humor is like baseball. The successful teams all do two things really well….timely hitting and pitching. In this scenario, call me the pitcher delivering a funny story and Mike is at the plate hitting us with his irresistible humor. He is a real slugger who does occasionally strike out but rarely. That daily feature would soon turn into a podcast and now the podcast is turning into a daily radio show.

Mike and I have developed an incredible rapport. We talk about everything that you’re talking about and we’re totally unplugged, unfinished, unapologetic, and uncensored! We think you’ll find this show to be both fresh and fun. Please feel free to contact us on the link below and let us know how we’re doing.