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Welcome in for the next generation of Adult Contemporary radio….it’s “TK LIVE”!  Our listeners want to be totally immersed and saturated with feel good fun!  I’d like you to join me for the most fun radio on radio every single night!  Nothing sleepy or boring because we’re on a crusade to end boring radio.

This is the show that comes to you and meets you exactly where you’re at.  Whether you’re driving home with the kids from soccer practice, on your device or computer, at home at the dinner table, or out by your outdoor fireplace sipping on some vino….wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, we are the soundtrack for your nights!

Please know that I pour my heart and soul into every single show and I literally sweat every single second that comes out of your radio.  I know what your thinking….”lighten up TK, this ain’t rocket science”….but that’s just it, to me it is.  I’m just crazy like that but by the grace of God I get to go on the radio and have fun with you.

I thank you for having me into your homes, cars, and lives for radio the way it was meant to be….FUN!

I’m totally available to you live via phone at 1-800-Tom Kent or hit me up with an email.   I’m easy to find but the best way is by phone because truly, I do love talking one on one with my listeners.  If you’ve heard the show and all the phone calls, then you know how much of a kick I get out of you.  After all, this is your show!

Reach me live toll free at 1-800-Tom Kent, Monday – Friday!