Tom Kent is a radio veteran whose worked at some of America’s greatest radio stations including the legendary WLS CHICAGO. He’s been nationally syndicated since 2002. On March 16, 2008, Mr. Kent started
TKRN, the radio network that bears his name. Since then the network has expanded into a 24/7 entertainment power force with multiple shows and various personalities in a variety of formats broadcast on hundreds of stations! Each product is designed to entertain and enlighten with the sole purpose of ending boring radio! Take a look below and see what today’s broadcast experts are saying about the Tom Kent Radio Network.


“Tom Kent is a world class talent. We are excited to have “TK” as a part of the 93.9 Lite
FM Chicago lineup. Tom is awesome and entertaining. Period.”

Tony Coles
Senior Vice-President Programming
Clear Channel West




“Tom Kent is a compelling talent who knows how to relate to our listeners.
We love the variety and entertainment value that “Tom Kent’s Music Magazine” brings to the airwaves every single day!”

Ken Payne
Program Director
Lincoln Financial
WMXJ 102.7 FM




“Tom brings an energy and entertainment value to Majic 105.7 that fits us perfectly!
And with proper care and feeding, he sounds like he’s in our studio every day talking with our local listeners!”

Keith Abrams
Operations Manager
WMJI 105.7 FM
Clear Channel




“Tom Kent is the consummate personality. He brings experience and a great deal of passion
to every performance. All you have to do is listen. Tom Kent is having the most fun on the
radio . . . ever!”

Mark St. John
Senior Vice President
Zapoleon Media Strategies




“Tom is one of the most passionate air talents in America! Every time he opens the
microphone, the magic happens! His interaction with listeners is second to none. We’re
extremely excited to have his show in Tampa Bay!”

Scott Walker
CBS Program Director
WRBQ “Q-105″




“TK’s unique blend of energy, passion, and just plain fun make him a perfect fit for The
Walrus. He’s simply one of the best communicators in our business today”

Mike Shepard
Operations Manager
BCA Radio
XPRS 105-7 FM “The Walrus”
San Diego




“Tom Kent immediately increases the fun on your station. He prepares his shows with
PPM in mind, without suffocating his creativity. He’s fun, upbeat, and willing to do
whatever it takes to make his show work within the parameters your station.”

Greg Carpenter
Program Director




“Tom Kent gets it. His shows are loaded with energy, excitement and entertainment. I’d be
proud to have him on any station I consult”

Gary Berkowitz
Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting
Programming Consultant to Adult Contemporary Radio



“We are excited to have Tom Kent and “The Classic Hits Countdown” as part of the KLOU lineup on Sunday mornings.   Tom’s energy, enthusiasm, and great on-air presentation is an asset we’re looking forward to having on 103.3 KLOU.”

David Adams
Program Director
KLOU-FM 103.3
St. Louis, MO


“Tom’s shows are fun, upbeat and interactive! We love the added
visibility that they’re giving Mix 92.9 . They are a
perfect spotlight!”

Barbara Bridges
Program Director
WJXA 92.9 FM




“Tom Kent is what FUN radio should be. And FUN = PPM Ratings.
We love Tom so much, we have him on 7 days a week in Memphis!
The custom liners and technology are also excellent on Tom’s shows.”

Brad Carson
Program Director
WKQK 94.1 FM Entercom




“Tom is the ultimate host. He consistently delivers great music, tons of personality, and
sounds like he’s loving every minute he’s on the air. Quite simply, he makes radio fun
for the listener. –”

Michael R. La Crosse
Operations Manager
KOST 103.5 FM Clear Channel
Los Angeles


“Every young jock should be listening to Tom Kent…that’s how it’s done!”

Ed Kanoi
Program Director
KKOL 107.9 FM




“Tom’s show will bring instant energy and excitement to your station.
He is a pleasure to work with and will do everything humanly possible
to make sure the show sounds integrated into your brand and community.”

David Moore
Operations Manager
WOLX 94.9 FM Entercom




“Powerline” is a signature product for TKRN, and I’m so glad that it has returned in its present form
and that we are able to bring it to our Beach 95.1 audience every week.
I’m proud to be associated with your fantastic operation!”

David Nolin
Operations Manager
WBPC-FM Beach 95.1 FM 
Panama City




“Tom has given us a  5.5 on Saturday night that ranks us #4 W 25-54 and put us ahead of our competing stations.
With two CHR and a News/Talk ahead of us I call this a win for Rewind”

Justin Taylor
Brand Manager/ Music Director / Air Talent KYMV KEGA
Simmons Media Group
Salt Lake City, UT




“I know first hand that “TK” Tom Kent began his endeavor with a passionate belief that
“personality” is the key ingredient which separates radio from a digital jukebox.
Tom’s perseverance has since paid off!”

Jimmy Steele
Director of Operations & Brand Manager
WSNY “Sunny 94.7″
Saga Communications
Columbus, OH




“When it comes to juicing up the fun level on your station, Tom Kent is like a slugger on steroids.
An Instant party… just add TK. I’m glad he’s on our team at B101.”

Bill George
Program Director
Clear Channel
WWBB “B-101″
Providence, RI




“Tom Kent brings endless energy and excited to our lineup at Cool 93.9 in Springfield, IL.
He’s got chemistry with listeners that sounds like he’s right here in the studio!”

Amy Nelson
Brand Manager – WQQL FM
Saga Communications
Springfield, IL